Howlers Rovers have an active range of activities generally running on a fortnightly basis. Our program is generated early each year making it easier to plan our busy social lives. The calendar and blogs on the home page outline some of the past activities and events. Typical regular activities include:

  • Hiking / Bush Walking
  • Camping
  • Beach Days
  • Bonfires
  • Movie Nights

In addition to regular activities, Howlers Rovers is devoted to extreme activities such as:

  • Racing
  • Scuba Diving
  • 4WD Trips

Joining Howlers Rovers also provides a range of opportunities to its members including:

  • Overseas Travel
  • Interstate Travel
  • Attendance at Rover Events (Moots and Boots)
  • Service

To check out what other Scout Groups and Rover Crews are up to, check out the latest edition of the SA Scout Magazine.

SA Rovers Mission

The purpose of the Rover Scout Section is to help the transition from adolescence to adulthood and support young adults, young women and men, in the final phase of their integration into adult society.

The aims of the Rover Scout Section are to:

  • provide young adults with opportunities to undertake their development through the areas of personal growth, which Scouting recognises physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual growth which leads to character development;
  • give young adults the opportunity to discover the challenges of today’s world and to develop the motivation and the skills to face them, not only within their community and their country but also at international level;
  • help young adults acquire experience and skills in leadership; and
  • help young adults develop their own path in life and actively plan their future.