Roonka Raft Challenge 2017

On the back of coming 2nd by one point in 2016, Howlers and Buffalo once again joined fources to show the city folk how rafting is ment to be done. As always we had to go bigger and better, so we did, succesfully creating a raft with 3 decks and a crows nest. Starting construction over 12 hours before the other crews, there was a plan and our illustrious leader had a plan, and it worked. Needless to say we were not the fastes raft, but we had an exki built in and where able to "eat up" another teams raft and when we were not competing our raft was definatly great fun to play around on, wether just sitting on the top to take in the views or jumping off the top into the river.

At the end, after the fund and deconstruction we only were conserned about one thing, did we win? Well, kinda. Somehow Howlers/Buffalo, Aesir and the Commissioners all drew for first place.