Easter Venture 2017 - Lost at Sea

2017 saw Howlers bound for Easter Venture heald at Caroona Creek Conservation Park near Mount Bryan East.

We had programed 2 activities themed arund getting shipwrecked, washing up on a island and having to survive. The first activity saw venturers fighting for thier right to stay on the island by defeating another venturer team at volleyball. For the seccond activity, after surviving volleyball, some venturers got "injered" and whith these disabilities they had to erect a tent so that they could continue to survive until they where rescued.

The weekend was great for rovers too, getting to go out and do some 4x4, changing tyres when they went flat, and genurally just having a good time.

For more info on Easter Venture check out their website easterventure.sa.scouts.com.au