Sandblast 2016

Over the October long weekend SA Rover Scouts held their annual motorsport event, Sandblast. This year the committee decided to make 'Sandblast Regrassed' more diverse, with a change of scenery and a new Sandblast track on the river. Some of the new events enabled people who are not interested in racing to attend and have a great weekend away without all the dust of previous years. A change of venue from Walky Park to Wall Flat and a change from the onsite racing to an offsite expedition (reducing dust through campsites) were only but a few of the new changes in 2016. The Sandblast base camp is now situated on the riverfront at Wall Flat and has grass to make onsite activities more enticing. This location change enabled us to have a variety of new onsite activities. Saturday involved offsite expeditions, including a gourmet boat tour, hike through the scenic Mannum Waterfalls and of course racing! These expeditions were fantastic and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The weather after a storm is always rainbows and butterflies, which made for great cruising weather on the River Murray for the gourmet tour. The recent rains made for spectacular sightseeing at Manunum Waterfalls. 

Sunday saw a large number of onsite activities offered, which included volleyball, rafting, giant games and horizontal bungee. Due to the weather, water sports like kayaking, tubing and otherwise swimming in the river were cancelled due to high waters. An opportunity on Sunday arose with the option to visit the Man num Markets to buy some local goods and see what they had on offer. This gave everyone an opportunity to drop past the racing, which was held over the whole weekend, to see what Scout motorsport is all about. 

Over the whole weekend a camping competition dubbed 'Grandpa's Cup' was run. It was scored on your camp site's theme, a cooking competition and overall participation in the weekend's activities, which were not limited to a frozen T-shirt competition, sumo wrestling and a volleyball match. A lot of new faces were there on the weekend, as well as a lot of familiar faces. Even Victorian old boys (booted ex-Rovers) made the trip over to SA to show us what they could do. A huge thanks to some of our sponsors for helping us with prizes for the weekend. These included: Mannum Ice Works, DejaVu Mannum, Jester Cruises, Mannum Dock Museum and Visitor Information Centre, and Mannum Old Wares. All in all, it was a great weekend for Rovers and Venturers. We can't wait to see how we can make 2017 bigger and better.

Did you know that Sandblast is open to Venturers as well as Rovers, so Venturers come up and race. 
You may even show some Rovers how it's done! If you would like any information in regard to Sandblast, contact the BRC Activities Officer via