Moonlight Cinema 2016

For the third year in a row we ran our Moonlight Cinema event. This year we had to charge an entry fee for the event due to having to pay for things we didn't have to previously. Because of this Scouts SA gave us a hand and we got a major screen upgrade!

This year we screened Zoolander 2 with the aid of Scouts SA's Screen. Needless to say this event just keeps getting better and better. As always, the night started off with some getting to know you games so that Venturers had a chance to talk to Rovers and find out exactly what it is that rovers do. Following that we cooked up some sausages on the BBQ and settled in to watch the movie on that nice big screen!

Once again our bonfire was a huge hit and our new little picnic area got some raving reviews. We are looking forward to next years event and we hope that you are all eager to see what we have instore.