Roonka Raft Challenge 2016

This year Howlers Rovers & Buffalo Rovers joined forces for the Roonka Raft Challenge.  With hours of planning, building, tweaking and testing, out team came up with one beast of a raft!  Coming in 2nd place (by only 1 point!), and drawing with Commissioners, we were quite proud of our 26 points.  Howlers had a blast joining in with the gigantic, overcrowded soccer match that was run during the second night, one of our members even provided some music and lights for the entertainment area.  

The commissioners brought up some Old Boys from their time in Rovers to try to show us how its all done, and despite all their talk they didn't come first! But  they had tons of fun teaching and playing games with us that they treasure from their time as a Rover.  

All in all, Howlers made some fantastic memories this year up at the Roonka Raft Challenge, and we can’t wait to attend next year, and win!