Surfmoot 2015

Our first major event for the New Year as a Crew was Surfmoot. This has become a Howlers tradition as every year on the Australia Day long weekend everyone piles into cars or a bus and sets off for Anglesea, Victoria. This year we had 11 current Howlers members and old boys go. The highlights included Nick, and his entry into the doughnut eating competition: Eating a doughnut, while doing a doughnut, around a doughnut; and then what happened after this. Another was the Crews’ introduction to cards against humanity which has resulted in a night being set a side just for Cards against humanity and board games. We also enjoyed a day at the beach, shopping in Torquay, watching jelly wrestling (even with it being censored this year), SA Contingent dinner on Sunday night and partying down at the stage each night. To sum up it was a good trip and with a bit of luck next years’ Surfmoot will be great.