2014 Christmas Dinner

At the very end of last year Howlers decided to re‐introduce Crew Christmas Dinners. Being the first Christmas dinner in a few years it was a great success with 13 rovers and old boys attending (almost the whole crew). Steph, Louise and Nick cooked up a storm in the Kitchen and the Webber resulting in delicious Lamb, Turkey, Roast vegetables, garlic bread, Christmas pudding and Gingerbread men. This was topped off by the amazing food brought by the rest of the crew: Daix’s Salad, Carlin’s homemade mince pies, Matts trifle and so on. This resulted in us all ending up with food comers and leftovers for everyone! We also did Kris Kringle with a twist which resulted in a stolen Rubik cube and a fight over a bear hat which continued through to Surfmoot. I think everyone would agree that this will defiantly be a highlight and fun tradition in the program from now on.